Our Practices


We at Freedom Hill Vineyard believe in growing grapes in a fashion that minimizes inputs and maximizes naturally present elements such as soil, air, rain, and sunlight.  We have practiced the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) since the early 1990’s that stresses common sense coupled with knowledge of the life cycles of the pests, be it powdery mildew or mites.  We manage these challenges in the most environmentally sensitive manner with the least hazard to people, property, and product.  In planting, we devote individual consideration to optimal site selection, new clonal and rootstock selection, and vine spacing and trellis systems modified to each individual site.

hands-soil-and-buds-horzWe understand the wineries that purchase our fruit rely upon a product of consistent quality and character with a reliable yield. Therefore, we are prudent and thoughtful in the management of our vineyard.

dan-in-the-grapesFinally, this is our home. We’ve raised our children here, and are witnessing our grandchildren become familiar with our farm that perhaps one day they will become stewards of.  So you see, at Freedom Hill Vineyard our practices are designed for the long haul. If we are fortunate, Freedom Hill Vineyard will be a generational vineyard well into the future.